The Grind Begins

Hey everyone, welcome back to another post here for Xathlon talking about decathlon, and today I wanted to write about how to deal with the grind.  Decathlon at the top levels is a daily grind of reading, memorizing, taking notes, making flaschards, whatever you can do to help learn the material better.  So, as a coach or as a student in charge, what do you do to encourage them through the hours upon hours of grinding?

I do not think this is something I do personally well as a coach.  I am worried that I am very up and down and can easily get upset with them when they don’t necessarily deserve it.  For example, we have been working on econ the past week.  I have been cherry-picking the really hard questions from the quiz for them to answer.  Needless to say, scores haven’t been perfect on our quizzes.  Yet, I get mad at them.  Is it their fault?  Probably not- econ is a tough thing to learn if you have no background in it.  I take that for granted.  Plus they are crushing music fundamentals!  So part of me wants to be understanding and sympathetic, but another part of me is upset they’re “bombing” econ.

I don’t think this very divergent set of attitudes is good for the kids.  It makes it unpredictable in class.  I don’t think that’s fair to them.  I am going to try to be more even keeled from now on, but what happens when they all do poorly one day, do I just let it go?

At any rate, we are currently seven days into school, and have finally finished music fundamentals and are most of the way through microeconomics.  The results have been promising in most areas, but need improvement in others.  We will really see what happens when we test in a few weeks.

How do you deal with the grind, both as a competitor and coach?

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