FAQs: How do Xathlon’s products work?

Since what we offer is different from what has typically been offered within the Decathlon world, we thought it would be helpful to talk through how Xathlon’s products work in a little more detail.

How are the tests released?

Basically, we have created 7 tests for use throughout the competition season that we are releasing on a staggered basis. This is for two reasons:

(1) We are designing the release of the tests to be used as scrimmage/competition tests. That is, we are designing a window (see our order form) where the tests can be taken where all students who take the test can compete against schools across the country.

(2) We plan to improve all remaining tests based on feedback from each test release (So feedback on Test 1 will affect Tests 2-7, …Test 2 will affect 3-7, etc.).

So it’s basically like we are hosting an online scrimmage every month.

Are the tests digital or PDFs?

The tests themselves (at this time) are not digital but are printable PDFs. We anticipate getting to that point after not too long (most likely not this year), but the reason for holding back is that we acknowledge there are varying levels of technological capabilities at schools across the country, so we need to survey and test that first before developing too much software capability.

How do you gather scores?

Students will take the tests and get them scored by their coach/proctor. For each competition, we will send a form (an Excel file) where their scores can be input and sent to us, and then we will compile all the data from all competitors and release scores/rankings for both individuals AND teams within the week after the competition. This will allow students to frequently compete and see their progress throughout the year.

Can we talk about the tests with other students/coaches?

After each competition, we will release a link to a private Facebook group where students/coaches can discuss the contents of the tests with each other and with our test writers.

What if I don’t want to/can’t take the tests during the window?

If for whatever reason a school doesn’t want to/can’t compete during a competition window and has purchased access to the competition tests, they will still receive the test at the beginning of the window (or whenever they make a purchase, if it is after the window has passed) and can use the tests in-class without competing, should they choose to do so.

How do the tests compare to the official competition exams?

As you can probably see, we offer a lot more than just “tests,” but the tests themselves are of an extremely high level of quality. They are modeled off the official exams in terms of style, nuance, and format, and they have been vetted by our internal quality system, which involves 2-3 test writers actually taking the tests after they have been written and edited.
Difficulty-wise, they also will get more difficult throughout the year to reflect the difficulty increase between Round 1 and Round 4.

If you have other questions, please contact us!

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