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We offer 3 distinct products, all sharing our core competency: high quality test questions that prepare you for competition. This year’s theme is In Sickness and in Health: An Exploration of Illness and Wellness.

Below are detailed descriptions of each of our product offerings. If you have questions or would like product recommendations based on your program’s goals, email us at academicxathlon@gmail.com!

NEW THIS YEAR! All our Tests and MiniQuizzes will be available in two formats, PDF (our traditional format) and via an online platform, ClassMarker. ClassMarker tests will allow students to take quizzes/tests and immediately receive a score as well as a detailed report of their performance by section.  


Our MiniQuizzes are pretty much what they sound like–short, 5-10 question quizzes that cover a few pages of the Resource Guides at a time. Instead of focusing on small, unimportant details, these quizzes feature questions that cover important details, highlight pieces of the big picture, and train students for what the official tests will look like on their initial readthroughs of the material. 

This product contains over 3000 questions across all 6 non-math objective and is only $100!

Xathlon MiniQuizzes will be released in late Summer/early Fall. 

Competition Test Sets

These 4 test sets are meant to simulate official competition tests as closely as possible. Each test features a mix of question types and difficulty characteristic of the official rounds. Xathlon Competition Tests are the perfect way to learn what to study and what to expect when it’s time for competition. They also provide four opportunities between the official rounds to compete against schools across the nation! 

These tests cover all 7 objective subjects, providing optional Art PowerPoints, Music Listening Selections, and all other features you will encounter at competition. 

In addition to the 7 objective tests, each competition set includes 3 essay prompts.

Xathlon Round 1 and Xathlon Round 2 tests will be released October 2019, and Xathlon Round 3 and Xathlon All Star Test Sets will be released January 2020. These tests were formerly called “1-Star Competition Tests,” “2-Star Competition Tests,” but we have renamed them to better reflect the fact that they are meant to help to directly simulate the official rounds of competition. 

Benchmark Tests

These 3 test sets are meant to serve as benchmarks for the 7 objective subjects at various points throughout the year, measuring the relative performance of teams and individuals under similar conditions. The Benchmark Tests help to identify areas of improvement and to predict relative performance in the official competition rounds, while also exposing students to a wide array of question types. 

While all of our tests are meant to simulate and prepare students for the official rounds, the Benchmark Tests reflect a true increase in difficulty to test understanding of the material while focusing on the unique characteristics of each of the objective events. The Easy Benchmark Tests focus on high level ideas and concepts without being overly basic, the Hard Benchmark Tests focus on synthesis and higher order thinking without relying on minutiae and random details to artificially increase difficulty, and the Medium Benchmark Tests are somewhere in between.

The tests come in 3 difficult levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Once the tests are released, you can take them whenever you want. When you submit scores, a timestamp will be recorded next to the scores for purposes of comparison.

Xathlon Easy Benchmark, Medium Benchmark, and Hard Benchmark Tests will be released in Fall 2019. 

How it works

  1. Using the order form, coaches sign up for individual tests or quiz packages.
  2. Coaches then submit payment after receiving an invoice after completing the ONLINE version of the order form. PDF versions of the filled-out form can be provided.
  3. Upon release, coaches will receive all 7 objective tests (Art, Economics, Literature, Mathematics, Music, Science, and Social Science) as well as answer keys via email. The tests and quizzes will come in both printable PDF and ClassMarker (online) format Tests/quizzes that have already been released will be sent within 48 hours.
  4. Once students have taken all 7 objective tests, coaches can score their students’ tests and fill out our Competition Scores Excel document (which they will receive via email) and submit students’ scores to academicxathlon@gmail.com. All participating schools/students will be featured on the Xathlon Global Leaderboard for each Competition. This gives schools/students an opportunity to see how their scores compare globally and to compete on a more regular basis throughout the year.

Our goal is to provide students with not only more opportunities to compete and gauge their progress throughout the year, but also the opportunity to leverage the Internet to build relationships and compete with students across the world. We strongly believe in the Academic Decathlon and the pursuit of knowledge across a broad array of subjects and hope to use our products to grow a community of lifelong learners!

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